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my mom just yelled “it’s called common sense” at my dog

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May 22, 2014

maledictionsandmenaces said: Just wanted to say thanks for the reblog. I'm flattered you liked my poem.

That’s ok :) it was great, love ur stuff

Hair porn
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Hair porn

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That’s what i expect from u, my little slut

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That’s what i expect from u, my little slut


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Some things never change
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Some things never change

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We really need to start coming up with our own versions of what beauty looks like, what success looks like, what a relationship looks like and putting them into play in our own lives. I think that we very often inherit those values from our parents or our friends or our family, and they’re not necessarily true. Your parents might be biased against people from another culture or they might think that success is only what’s in your wallet and the truth is that the world is a lot bigger than that. As we start to research these things we can really expand our vision of what life could be like, and it makes us more well-rounded, diverse and certainly more happy.
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I will slap you.
I will choke you.
I will spank you until your little ass is red with my handprint.
I will make you cry from throat-fucking you.
I will fuck you until you cum so hard you can’t spell your own name.

But then I will hold you.
I will tell you to look me in the eyes.
I will wipe away your tears and tell you it’s okay. I’ve got you.
Because you are mine.
And I am yours.

Love this


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